Jerry Nelson Honored

December 6, 2005 - Jerry Nelson was honored with a gathering of his friends, colleagues and admirers at the Museum of Television and Radio, New York on Tuesday, December 6th. Among those who took to the stage to offer their reminiscences were Frank Oz, Bonnie Erickson, Kevin Clash, Fran Brill, Bob McGrath, Marty Robinson, Joey Mazzarino, Pam Arciero, Eric Jacobson, Matt Vogel, David Rudman, and Carmen Osbahr. Michael Frith and Kathy Mullen came prepared with an appearance by Mokey Fraggle and a letter from Susan Juhl. The Henson family also offered their recollections and presented Jerry with a statue they had commissioned of Jerry with some of his most famous characters. After a video presentation showcasing some of Jerry’s characters including Robin the Frog and Gobo Fraggle was screened, Jerry himself took to the podium and offered his thanks to everybody there.

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