Jim Henson: The Greenwich Years 1964-1971 The Greenwich Public Library, Greenwich, CT

March 3 – April 21, 1994 - An exhibit exploring the development of Jim’s work as a young artist living in Greenwich, CT 1964-1971. This exhibit was produced by The Jim Henson Company Exhibits Department and The Jim Henson Legacy. The work featured included guest appearances and commercials, Time Piece, Run, Run, Youth ’68, The Cube, the Muppet Land specials and Sesame Street. In conjunction with the exhibit, a series of screenings and special programs took place featuring:

The Great Muppet Caper (February 24, 1994)

Time Piece (February 25, 1994) - Timepiece was shown along with A Man and a Woman, the film it played with at New York’s Paris Theater in 1966. 

The Muppet Movie (March 11, 1994)

Fun With Puppets: Demonstration Workshop (March 12, 1994) - Designers from the Muppets demonstrated the construction and performance of simple puppets.

Jim Henson: The Early Years (March 15 & 25, 1994) - A presentation by Jane Henson featuring a selection of Jim Henson’s early work in television and film. 

Muppets: Incorporated
(April 5, 1994) - A panel discussion featuring members of Jim Henson’s creative team.

The Muppets Take Manhattan (April 8, 1994)

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