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"Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Journey to Goblin City" at The Center for Puppetry Arts 16 September 2016
The Jim Henson Collection Opens at the Center for Puppetry Arts 13 November 2015
Remembering Jim 16 May 2014
The Henson Family Makes Fine Art Prints of Original Jim Henson Artwork Available 08 April 2015
John Henson: April 25, 1965 – February 14, 2014 17 February 2014
"A New York Christmas to Remember" on CBS 12/24 20 December 2013
Larry Mirkin Remembers Diana Birkenfield & Franz "Faz" Fazakas 13 December 2013
Henson Family Donates Collection to the Smithsonian 26 September 2013
Jim Henson: The Biography - Available Sep. 24, 2013 17 September 2013
Susan Juhl Remembers Sally Ride 24 July 2012
Jim Henson's Fantastic World Concludes Its National Tour 16 May 2012
A Conversation with Frank Oz at the Museum of the Moving Image 25 October 2011
Jim Henson to be Honored with Disney Legends Award 16 June 2011
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - Museum of the Moving Image 22 April 2011
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - Lakeview Museum of Arts & Sciences 26 January 2011
Jim Henson's Red Book at Henson.com 24 September 2010
Sam and Friends Come Home to Washington 24 August 2010
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - Museum of Science + Industry 01 July 2010
From Muppets to Mascots: The Incredible Journey of Bonnie Erickson 06 April 2010
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - National Heritage Museum 02 April 2010
Institut International de la Marionnette Summer Workshop 1987: An Essay by Richard Termine 16 February 2010
The Muppet Movie Selected for National Film Registry 01 January 2010
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - Mississippi Museum of Art 18 December 2009
Sesame Street: A Celebration at BAM 01 December 2009
39 Years on a 40 Year Street: An Essay by Jerry Nelson 13 November 2009
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - James A. Michener Art Museum 10 September 2009
Celebrating 40 Years of Sesame Street at the Brooklyn Public Library 13 November 2009
Muppets, Music & Magic at the Mar del Plata Film Festival 06 November 2009
The Muppet Movie 30th Anniversary Screening & Muppets History 201 at BAM 02 July 2009
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum 12 May 2009
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - Orange County Regional History Center 02 February 2009
Honoring Richard Hunt and Sesame Street at 40 31 October 2008
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - Atlanta History Center 23 October 2008
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - The Smithsonian International Gallery 23 June 2008
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - Louisiana Art and Science Museum 10 March 2008
Jim Henson's Fantastic World - Arizona Museum for Youth 21 January 2008
Muppets, Music & Magic: Jim Henson’s Legacy, A Weekend of Movies, TV Shows and Other Fun Stuff! 19 November 2004
The Jim Henson Film and Television Collection Premieres at the University of Maryland 21 September 2006
Muppets, Masks, and Mazes: The Jim Henson Film Legacy, Silver Spring, MD 02 August 2006
Muppets & Mechanisms: Jim Henson’s Legacy Exhibit at the Smithsonian 17 May 2006
Jim Henson Inducted to Prince George’s County Hall Of Fame 22 April 2006
The Muppets Say Cheese: The Photography of John E. Barrett Exhibit, New York, NY 05 December 2005
Jerry Nelson Honored 05 December 2005
Jim Henson Commemorative Stamps Featuring Jim and The Muppets 27 September 2005
Palisades Jim Henson Action Figure 31 October 2004
Muppet Rarities: The Unseen Work of Jim Henson, New York, NY 14 October 2003
Jim Henson Statue Dedicated, University of Maryland, MD 23 September 2003
Jim Henson Family Matinees, Silver Spring, MD 19 September 2003
Abbaye de Daoulas, Daoulas, France 30 November 2002
Jim Henson School of Arts, Media & Communications, Hyattsville, MD 04 October 2002
NATAS Reception Honoring Jim Henson, New York, NY 24 September 2002
I Love the Muppets Special on BBC2 31 March 2002
L'Objet vivant or The Living Object at the Villa Reuge, Sainte-Croix, Switzerland 22 June 2002
Designs and Doodles Book Launch, New York, NY 30 April 2001
Jim Henson Commemorative Mosaic. Disney/MGM Studios, Orlando, FL 27 September 1998
Behind The Scenes With The Muppets, American Film Institute, Los Angeles, CA 19 May 1998
Muppets Take Maryland, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 23 March 1997
Designs and Doodles, National Arts Club, New York, NY 22 April 1996
The Vision of Jim Henson Exhibit, Pittsburgh Children’s Museum 04 June 1995
Induction of Jim Henson into the University of Maryland Alumni Hall of Fame, Student Union Building, 21 April 1995
Tribute 21 13 November 1994
California State University Summer Arts Program, Humboldt, CA 09 July 1994
Jim Henson: The Greenwich Years 1964-1971 The Greenwich Public Library, Greenwich, CT 20 April 1994
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Ceremonies, Orlando, FL 19 October 1993
Rainbow Connection Gala, Children’s Museum of Houston, TX 22 October 1993
The New Los Angeles Public Library Opening Month Celebration, Los Angeles, CA 15 October 1993
“Champions for Children Award” from the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New Hyde Park, NY 02 October 1993
The Muppets at Lincoln Center: A Tribute to the Life and Work of Jim Henson, New York, NY 31 August 1993
The Jim Henson Creative Arts Award, Graham-Windham 13 May 1993
USA Film Festival, Dallas, TX 22 April 1993
Jim Henson Day at Vassar College 03 April 1993
Henson College Residency Program at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD 14 March 1993
Karsh Exhibit, Corcoran Museum, Washington, D.C. 22 February 1993
USA KidFilm Festival, Dallas, TX 15 January 1993
King’s Daughters Hospital, Greenville, MS 23 September 1992
The Leland Chamber of Commerce: Birthplace of the Frog 27 August 1992
JHL and BAM Join Forces 01 October 2007
Center for Puppetry Arts 09 September 2007
Jim Henson’s Fantastic World – Arkansas Arts Center 09 September 2007

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